slotsfreespinsnodeposit| [Hong Kong stocks close] The three major stock indexes rose! The headline is that the concept skyrocketed, and Evergrande Motor surged 87%

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May 27thSlotsfreespinsnodepositThe three major indexes of Hong Kong stocks have collectively stopped falling and strengthened! By the close, the Hang Seng Index was up 1.17%, the State-owned Enterprises Index was up 1.25%, and the Hang Seng Technology Index was up 1.71%.

From a sub-sector point of view, Toutiao concept stocks soared 8.11% and led the city higher, of which middle-hand games (00302.HK) rose 21.95% and 02400.HK also rose 3.65%.

On the news side, Zhongshou's new tour "Xianjian World" will usher in three tests on May 31. At the same time, the mobile game "Breaking the Sky: peak showdown", a mobile game under the banner of middle-hand games, will be launched across the platform on June 7. It has been revealed that the number of reservations across the platform has exceeded 6 million since the booking of "Battle through the Sky: peak showdown". In addition, in December 2023, the "New Chinese Paladin waving the Sword" developed by Chinese mobile games was launched in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and some media speculated that the overseas revenue of Q1 Xinxianjian could reach 20.46 million US dollars this year.

Pacific Securities Research News pointed out that from January to April 2024, the game industry improved steadily, the income increased slightly compared with the same period last year, and the industry entered normal supervision. Approaching the summer vacation, the major game companies actively layout, pay attention to the reserve of new game launch rhythm. In the second half of the year, the launch of a number of key new games is expected to continue to boost the prosperity of the industry and promote the income growth of the game industry.

Wind power stocks are among the biggest gainers. Among them, Dongfang Electric (01072.HK) rose 8.72%, Datang New Energy (01798.HK), Longyuan Power, Jinfeng Technology and other stocks rose.

According to the news, the National Energy Administration recently held a national video conference on the development and construction of renewable energy, according to the official Wechat account of the National Energy Administration. The meeting demanded that all efforts should be made to promote the construction of three batches of large-scale wind power photovoltaic bases, continue to do a good job in monthly dispatching and weekly monitoring, and promote the completion of base projects as soon as possible and put into production on schedule.

The Internet medical sector rose as a whole. Among them, Health (06618.HK) rose 4.84%, Ali Health, Zhongan online, and Ping an good doctors all rose, while Tinker Bell Health suffered a decline.

Water supplies Unit, Home Appliances Unit, heavy Machinery Unit, Port Transport Unit and other sectors also have eye-catching performance.

Non-ferrous metals and gold plates regained their strength, rising 3.68% and 3.51% respectively. Among them, Aluminum Corporation of China (02600.HK) rose 8.38%, while Lingbao Gold, Luoyang Molybdenum (03993.HK), Zhaojin Mining, Shandong Gold and other stocks rose.

The commodities boom is understood to have halted last week as cooling Chinese demand and tough talk from the Federal Reserve prompted investors to take advantage of the recent surge in prices.

However, Wall Street professionals are increasingly bullish on the long-term outlook for commodities, saying the fundamentals of commodities remain strong and they believe the record rally will recover.

Oil stocks, oil and gas stocks all rose. Among them, China National Offshore Oil (00883.HK), PetroChina shares, Kunlun Energy and other stocks have risen.

On the news side, OPEC + will hold a meeting on June 2 and is expected to extend production cuts.

In addition, Austin Lin, an analyst at Wood Mackenzie, believes that U. S. jet fuel demand is likely to grow by about 5% in 2024, and the growth rate of global consumption may increase slightly.

Analysts hope that consumption growth will spur a rebound in oil prices in the summer and lift crude oil out of its narrow range as risk recedes in the Middle East.

The decline list shows that only the concept of pharmaceutical outsourcing, industrial marijuana and mobile games stocks fell. Among them, the overall concept of pharmaceutical outsourcing fell 1.42% to lead the market, while 02269.HK, Kanglong Huacheng and Kellein suffered a decline.

In terms of hot stocks, Evergrande jumped 86.84% again after resuming trading today. On the news, Evergrande announced that 3.145 billion potential unsold shares (about 29% of the total issued shares) will be acquired immediately, and 3.203 billion potential unsold shares (accounting for about 29.5% of the total issued shares) will become an option for potential buyers for a certain period of time after the date of the sale and purchase agreement.

slotsfreespinsnodeposit| [Hong Kong stocks close] The three major stock indexes rose! The headline is that the concept skyrocketed, and Evergrande Motor surged 87%

The announcement also shows that potential buyers will provide credit to the company to finance the continued operation and development of the group's electric vehicle business. Evergrande is severely short of funds and its Tianjin plant has been paralyzed since the start of the year.

In addition, 00917.HK has soared 40% since its IPO today, making it an outstanding performance.