texasholdempokerfacebook| xAI received US$6 billion in its latest round of financing, Musk revealed that more surprises will be announced soon

Financial Union, May 27 (Editor Ma Lan) Musk foundedtexasholdempokerfacebookArtificial intelligence startup xAI announced on Sunday that its Series B financing funds amounted to US$6 billion, with participants including Sequoia Capital, Fidelity Asset Management, Saudi Arabia's Kingdom Holdings, etc.

texasholdempokerfacebook| xAI received US billion in its latest round of financing, Musk revealed that more surprises will be announced soon

xAI said the funding will help bring xAI's first products to market, build advanced infrastructure and accelerate the development of future technologies.

Musk responded on X and promised to announce more news in the coming weeks.

Artificial intelligence competition

xAI said in a statement that from the announcement of the company in July 2023, to the release of the large model Grok-1 in November, to the release of an improved version of Grok-1texasholdempokerfacebook.5 model and Grok-1.5V with image understanding capabilities, xAI capabilities have been rapidly improved. With the open source of Grok-1, xAI has opened the door to various applications, optimizations and expansions of models.

xAI did not disclose its valuation after the latest round of financing, but based on previous industry estimates, the company is expected to be valued at around US$24 billion after the Series B round of financing.

This also highlights the fierce competition for resources in the field of artificial intelligence. As an artificial intelligence company that benchmarked OpenAI, xAI is committed to peddling its own artificial intelligence models and concepts to Silicon Valley. Many technology people in Silicon Valley also have high hopes for the company.

Last weekend, the technology media The Information also reported that Musk was building a supercomputing computer to support the development of xAI. The computer is expected to have 100,000 NVIDIA GPUs connected in series and will be put into use in 2025.